Your Premium Choice for Saddles & Tack

The Flexible Bar Tree Saddle is designed for the rider and horse to enjoy together a comfortable ride. Flexible tree bars offer freedom of motion, an extraordinary opportunity to feel close to your horse and enable the horse to flex and use its muscles to frame himself more comfortably than ever.


Flexible Bar Saddle Trees are made up of separate components. The bars are made of a specially developed elastomeric high tech material, while the cantle and fork are constructed of laminated wood. This insures stability of the angle and an adequate positioning of the bars in relation to each other.


The high- tech elastomeric material used in our trees is extremely strong, yet it allows the saddle to flex with the natural movement of the horse’s sholders and back. All wooden forks and cantles are covered with 6 oz. fiberglass cloth. The molded bars have sufficient strength, so that no additional covering is necessary.


Our patented  Equi-Fit Flexible saddle tree is crated to our design and exact guidelines (Custom patterned per Kuda Saddlery & Tack specifications) to fit properly the Paso Fino and Gaited horses. It's made with a steeper rear rafter angle, additional front flare and more bow relative to the “D” fit.  It incorporates the precise contours necessary to minimize pressure points and maximize load bearing areas on the horses back type for which it's designed. The result is a more stable saddle that holds in position better. Most importantly, this Flexible Bar Saddle tree allows your horse to remain healthier, happier and more comfortable under any riding condition.