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Kuda Saddlery & Tack

The LEATHER-FLEX TREE saddles have a semi-ridgid pommel and a cantle made of wood. The seat is constructed of leather and foam passing which gives the saddles just the right amount of flex to conform nicely the back of the horse.

The flexibility of the leather flex tree saddles minimizes the interference with the horse's natural gait and allows the horse to turn and flex with natural movement and freedom. These saddles place rider in very close contact with the horse which makes it easier for the rider to stay in balance with the horse's movement.

The 100% wool felting on the underside (English Flex Saddles have leather covered panels) is cut back over the spine and will not comprese with usage. This also lifts the rider clear off the horse's spine enabling the rider's weight to be placed on the strong back muscles while distributing evenly along the horse's back.

You can stay in this saddles all day long and you and your horse will still be comfortable at the end fo the day.