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 Selecting Your Seat Size


Western Seat Sizes


     Kuda Western saddles are measured from the pommel to the front of the cantle.  Please note that seat sizes 14” and 15” WESTERN saddle seat sizes are only available in the Trail and Endurance Leather Flex Saddles, not Western saddles built on the Equi-Flexible Tree, except of course for the Aussie Flex Saddles.

     ‘Jean sizes’ are offered as a guide only.

Western Seat Size Women Jean Size Men Jean Size Aussie Seat Size
14” Ladies 6 24” Waist -
14.5” Ladies 7-8 24”-25” Waist 13.5” Smallest Aussie
15” Ladies 8-10 26”-28” Waist 13.5”
15.5“ Ladies 10-12 29”-30” Waist 14”
16” Ladies 12-14 31”-32” Waist 14.5”
16.5” Ladies 14-16 32”-33” Waist 15”
17” Ladies 16-18 34”-35” Waist 15.5”
17.5” Ladies 18 36”-37” Waist 16” Largest Aussie
18” Ladies 20 38”- 40” Waist -


If you already ride in a Western saddle and you are happy with that seat size,then just choose the same size in the Kuda Western range. Some riders prefer a ‘roomier’ seat while others prefer to be ‘snug’ in the saddle. It really is a personal choice.  If selecting a saddle with Bucking Rolls then it is wise to take a seat size half an inch larger than you normally would.  You should be able to get 2-3 fingers between your thigh and the Swell of the saddle.

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