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Aussie Flex 14" Walnut
  • Aussie Flex 14" Walnut
  • Aussie Flex 14" Walnut
Aussie Flex 14" Walnut - is currently on backorder. You may still purchase now though and we'll ship as soon as more become available.

The Kuda Aussie Flex Saddle is the first premium quality Flexible Half Breed saddle in the Market. We are extremely proud to bring this stuning and innovative saddle to you.

Unlike most Half Breed or Stock Saddles, the Kuda Aussie Flex offers the rider a more neutral riding position - something closer to a "relaxed Dressage position" is the best way to describe it. The majority of traditional Half Breed and stock saddle place the rider in a "chair position" so if this is what you prefer then perhaps a Kuda Aussie is not for you. Riding in a neutral position gives the rider better balance but more importantly, being in better balance, is better for your horse!


 - SEAT SIZE: 14"

 Half breed Saddle Seat sizes. If you ride in a 16" Western Saddle you would take a 14" to a 14.5" seat in the Aussie Flex Saddle.
If you ride in a 17" English you would take a 13" to 13.5" Aussie Flex. In other words take 1.5" - 2" off your Western seat and 2.5" to 3" off youe English seat size to get your Aussie Flex seat. However if you like to feel "tucked-in" ina a half breed saddle take another 1/2" inch smaller again.

 - GULLET: 7.5" XXWide

 - SEAT TYPE: Smooth leather.

 - TREE: Equi-Fit Flexible tree, Custom patterned per Kuda Saddlery specifications. 
 - HARDWARE: Stainless steel.
 - RIGGING: Flat plate, dropped in skirt. It Comes standard with 2 Nylon Latigos.
 - COLOR:  Walnut.

 - Sloped Aluminum stirrups.

 - Pictures show actual saddle