Getting the right fit for your horse

Doing the wither tracing is the best way to select the correct gullet width for you horse so please ensure you do this also. Use a flexible curve dress makers or wire that holds its shape once bent into place. Measure 2 inches behind the back edge of your horse’s scapula as shown below:






Narrow To 5.75"
Medium 5.75” – 6.25"
Wide 6.25” – 6.75"
XXW 6.75" – 7.25”
XXXW 7.25” – 8.0"

It’s recommended that you take the measurement 3 times in a row. If you keep getting the same number, then you know you've got it right.

It is ALWAYS better to go for a tree that is slightly too wide for your horse than one that is too narrow! A wide saddle can be lifted and slight gaps can be (temporarily in most cases) filled in by well placed, tapered edged shims. You will find that your horse will start to fill in these gaps himself with muscles that he re-builds, after being ridden (correctly), and being able to move freely, thanks to his new unrestricting Kuda Flex Saddle. Don't ever underestimate this - your horse will change shape for the better very quickly and as you now have a FLEXIBLE tree saddle, these changes will be accommodated very well.

This diagram shows the direction of flexion possible with the Equi-Fit Flexible Trees: