Kuda Saddlery & Tack

Contoured Relief Tan Felt/Neoprene Pad


Kuda Contoured Relief pads feature a cut back design located at the shoulder and hip. The design allows for unrestricted shoulder and hip movement necessary for increased stride and mobility.

- Contoured to mold the shape of the horses back to maximize shock absorption and enhance fit and comfort.

- 3/4" Tan wool felt and 1/4"  antifungal and antibacterial ¼” Neoprene bottom allows the horse’s back to cool itself. is guaranteed to provide optimal comfort on any horse.

- Distressed top grain wears leather for protection.

- Available with black or brown wear leather

- Sizes available: 

  • 27" X 28" 
  • 29" x 28"

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